Stats Report – Notre Dame

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Alright folks, get ready to journey into the mouth of my madness. So, I’ve taken all the available stats I can find, including S&P+, basic stats, and anything else I can find, and grouped it all together on one google sheet. That’s all under the “stats” tab at the link below. Then, during my re-watch of the game, I tracked each moment that I think bears talking about going forward. For each of those plays, I’ve recorded the basic situation, the players involved, and given my observation about what they’ve done. This is available under the “Game Observations Tracked by Play.” These are basically my notes for the review episodes. I’m going to publish them every week. I’m not sure anyone has aggregated these stats like this, so I hope it’s a helpful resources. (Also, I learned a lot formatting this, so it will get better next week, but you’ll have to forgive some of the lexical inconsistency throughout my notes.)

Stats Report – ND